If you can't find answer to all your questions please contact our Support Team.

1. How can I top up my account?

To top up your account go to your SMS-24 profile and click "Buy more money". You can purchase SMS money using online payments via Paypal or OKPAY, to send us bank transfer please open OKPAY account and fund it via bank wire (refer to OKPAY for instructions). Using online payment your account is topped up immediately. What is important, payments on SMS-24 platform do not have expiration time. Your account balance is measured in "money", €0.04 money is approximately equal to one SMS. Approximately, because in some areas (countries) SMS may cost more than €0.04.

2. I've paid using online services, but credits have not yet been added to my account.

If payment was made using online payments, it can take up to 1 hour to credit your account. If it's taking longer then one hour please contact our Support Team.

3. How long could a SMS be?

It is possible to send concatenated SMS that contains maximum three parts (message is shown on telephone as one).

Below we present a list of maximum number of allowed characters in a message:

SMS without special characters:

1 message – max. 160 characters
2 messages – max. 306 characters
3 messages – max. 459 characters

SMS with special characters:

1 message – max. 70 characters
2 messages – max. 134 characters
3 messages – max. 201 characters

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