Trade and supply

  • Information about promotions and sales
  • Notifications of order status change
  • Company’s internal communication
From the 5th of September we are happy to introduce our new fall/winter collection! We invite to see it at the nearest store.
We inform you that you can pick—up your order in our office at Dempsey Road 114, number of order — 4737DAE
We ask you to be present at periodic medical examinations which will take place on Jan 10 in Khauser health center at 8:00 AM.

Marketing agencies

  • Supporting the organization of mass events
  • SMS campaigns to involve a new sponsor
  • Advertising campaigns taking the advantage of SMS
The greatest festival of country-music! You must see and listen! It will start on 18th of October, at 19:00! We are waiting for you at Teresianweise!
Don't miss out! We invite you to become a general sponsor of "Summer conference of Art". All details on our site and by phone: 756-68-78
Tonight between 5 and 6PM Eat-N-Talk is having a rush hour special! Get $1 off any carry out sandwich order.


  • Information about the learning process
  • Notifications about changes in schedule and exams dates
  • Invitation to additional workshops, conferences and meetings
Dear Ben! We would like to congratulate you with graduation from university and remind you about graduation ball on 15th June at 9:00 PM.
We would like to inform you that a parent's meeting will take place tomorrow at 7:00 PM. Best regards, School Principal.
We inform that discipline Philosophy has been cancelled because of lector's health.

Financial services

  • Reminders about upcoming events
  • Text notifications about application examining
  • SMS campaigns informing about special offers
Dear Mr. Smith! We want to remind you that validity of your credit card expires in a month.
We would like to inform You, that our bank will not work from 25th Dec to 26th Dec. Merry Christmas!
Only in December, 15% discount on insurance by paying in advanced for the entire year! Please come to the nearest agent XXX.

Internet projects

  • Secure user authentification
  • Verification of client information
  • Notifications about news and updates
Please, use the following code to login 32510
Dear, User! Please, confirm your phone number to complete your registration with the following code: 0982.
We are glad to inform you about new service available on interactive online video chat!

Medical industries

  • Notifications about medical appointment or its cancellation
  • Inform patients about ready for collection tests results
  • Discount on periodical medical tests and vaccinations
We remind you about your appointment on Tuesday, 21st June at 11:15 in HQMed dental clinic.
From the beginning of the year almost 900 000 flu cases! Do not wait and have yourself and your family vaccinated!
We invite you to HQMed clinic, room no. 14, to collect your blood tests results.

Mobile marketing has so huge potential that there are virtually no restrictions on its use in business. Good, effective communication – both with the Client as well as within the company is the basis for development of productive climate in the company. SMS are great means to reach that goal. They are XXI century communication tool – they reach the proper person immediately, that enables brief transmission of important information helping in lowering the fixed costs.

SMS services key benefits

  • Provide fast, well planned in time and low costs communication with the Client.
  • Improve communication within the company.
  • Improve the quality of customer service.
  • Build brand awareness by continuous and systematic contact with the Client.
  • Build brand loyalty by sending personalized information.