What is SMS-24?

We are a prominent internet-based SMS messaging platform that uses the most advanced communication technologies. SMS-24 allows users to trigger massive and effective SMS deliveries with minimal effort and without additional software or hardware. As of now, this platform is able to reach 800 GSM networks in 200 countries.

Our strategy has always been to provide a platform that is more than just a simple mass text messaging tool. SMS-24 is a powerful, do-it-yourself SMS Marketing Service.

We have been working on it since 2002 and by now have created a truly profitable business model that meets the needs of the market and customers all over the globe.

The Website

  • The domain (http://sms-24.com/) and the website itself have been in rotation since 2002 and have been actively promoted through keywords in search engines (users type in those keywords when they search for SMS messaging platforms using search engines, such as Google).
  • The website was built on a powerful and versatile engine that allows to upgrade and maintain the project spending as little man-hours as possible.
  • The current web design was created with attention to the latest website creation and usability trends. All this makes the website convenient in the eyes of the user.


  • Having taken our niche in 2002, all this time we've been actively attracting new clients and business partners willing to use our solutions. As of now, the number of people who actively use our service on a regular basis is reaching 30 000. On average, 15 new users are registered every day.
  • Our well-designed pricing strategy satisfies both private individuals and major corporations.
  • Our SMS delivery system is present in more than 200 countries resulting in vast coverage provided by 800 cellular companies. You can learn more about our SMS delivery prices and see our coverage map at this link: http://sms-24.com/prices-coverage/


Besides the standard SMS delivery technologies used by other similar platforms, we offer a number of solutions that we ourselves invented and implemented. This translates into significant competitive advantages.

The cheapest SMS delivery method. Our system automatically selects the most cost-effective SMS delivery option for you, saving your money as the result. This will help you maximize your profits.
4 SMS delivery gates. Our system is tweaked in such a way that, in the case of a technical glitch with one of the SMS delivery gates, the system automatically switches gates. It means that the system is operational at all times, no matter what.
An automatic alert system that immediately lets your manager know about technical glitches, or if one of the gates goes offline, or in the case of dwindling balances. This mechanism sends notifications to your manager so that appropriate action is taken as soon as possible.
A flexible and handy API that lets clients interact with message delivery services in an automatic fashion without the need to engage in time-consuming activities such as logging into their accounts. This system can be integrated into a business that could thrive on client notification. It might be SMS ads or one-time passwords that your business needs.

Opportunities for business

Bulk messaging is growing year by year. More and more companies are starting to use these tools to maximize their profits.

If you buy our platform, you will get:

A highly indexed domain name that for so many years has been actively promoted using SEO and other techniques
A professionally constructed website that was designed with attention to all modern trends
A massive client base that you will be able to capitalize on right away. It means that your purchase will almost immediately start paying for itself
High quality and flexible technical solutions that will let you grow your business even further in order to stay competitive and in demand
A truly profitable product that really works

Moreover, using the SMS-24 foundation as a blueprint, you will be able to launch as many similar services as you want, which will let you boost your market coverage substantially.

Prices and Terms

We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions, give you detailed information on how SMS-24 works, show you charts and screenshots. All aspects are discussed individually. So, feel free to contact us.

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